4D Results Lotto

4D Results Lotto

4D Results Lotto is one of the simplest lottery games out there with a guaranteed minimum payout. It is exclusively played by Luzon-based lotto players and has gone through quite a few changes since it first began.

4D Lotto How to play

In order to play the 4D lotto, a player must choose their own set of four numbers from 0000-9999 and mark it down in the play slip at checkout. They can also choose to make use of the “luck pick” option provided by the machine instead if desired.

Furthermore, a straight play or referred by PCSO as PERM can also be played with different sets of selections and bet costs.

4D results Lotto Check

Official PCSO sites now give the 4D results almost right after they are drawn, making it easy now for players to know instantly if they’ve won or not. This is important because people are no longer limited by broadcast time since they are able to check on their own schedules via their 4D PCSO Lottery account. Aside from PTV, Facebook and Twitter, PCSO also provides the results on its official Facebook or Twitter accounts. Though draws may be suspended during certain national holidays, there are always other dates to look forward to in the future!

Apart from that you can check results from our website as soon we will update it.

How To Claim the Prize

Amounts for lotto prizes can be claimed at authorized lottos outlets or in person at a PCSO branch upon the presentation of the official ticket, which has been validated.
For prizes above 5,000 pesos all the way up to 20,000 pesos, those with winning tickets can collect their winnings at the nearest PCSO Branch Office. Above 20,000 pesos is won: Head on over to PCSO HQ.

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