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4D Result Live – Best Way to Pick Lotto Numbers

Do you want to know what the best way to pick lotto numbers is? Is it hard for you to choose the lotto numbers for the first time as a beginner?

Well if the answer to both questions is “YES” then this is the right place for you to collect required information which will definitely work in your favor. If you are into playing of lotto games, then choosing the lotto numbers carefully is something which you need to be careful about.

To make your task a bit easier, here we have shared few of the best and simple ways to pick lotto numbers right now:

Studying Lottery Statistics

This approach is all about investigating about the previous draws and make sure you understand the whole concept of odds as well. Do not miss the chance to note down the balls which are into maximum drawn winning chances.

Although there is no specific mathematical formula to understand which of the balls are lucky for you. It just depends on your luck to find hotter numbers. Each number has its own chance of coming in the drawn so it’s all your good fortune and nothing else.

Use of Numerology

Secondly, we will discuss about the numerology! If you want to use this approach, make sure you do have a strong belief in it and its working process. Numerology is a long process to conduct which you cannot perform alone. So it is better to take some help from the online sites who will explain you this method in a better manner. As soon as you get the six numbers, you can pick then for your next lottery draw.

Use of Lucky Numbers

There is nothing wrong in choosing your lucky numbers at all. You just need to pick the number which you like the most and hence hold the sentimental value with it. This is a scientific approach of choosing a lottery number to increase your winning chances.

Stay Random

No one can deny the reality that the winning of lottery is all about how much lucky you are. So there is nothing wrong in picking the numbers on the random basis. You can close your eyes and place your finger on any of the number that comes in your way for the first time. Some people go with the selection of numbers from top list, some choose the middle line and some go with the bottom selection.

Create a Pattern

It will be exciting to pick the lottery numbers by creating any pattern. This can be either the heart shape or something in the shape of apple. As you will look down at the lottery slip, you will find that each one of the selection is contributing towards a pattern. This whole method is about choosing the numbers by simply drawing over the slip.

Leave it on the machine

If you think that lottery is all about the fortune, then leave the number selection process on the machine. They will decide your luck! This might sounds strange and funny but it might turn out to be lucky for you. Try it!

Go for a System

The last is about going for the system which is designed for the selection of lottery numbers. You can find them easily available online in a variety of options which can even help you to improve all your odds for winning your amazing jackpot.

This works in a way in which you have to choose the number from 1-3 range. Choose rest of the two numbers from the 1 to 8. Now you have to choose something which is closer to the 8. Next, look for the numbers which are in between the 8 and 15. Mix all the numbers because they are not in the numerical order. Now your first lottery number will be the first Delta number part of the sequence. Second number of the lottery will be the first two Delta numbers which are added together.


So these have been just few of the ways with which you can easily look for the lotto numbers which can be lucky one for you. Follow these methods and try your luck right now!

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