Good 4D Results

Good 4D Results

Good 4D Results are one of the most exciting lottery games in my area and they have a really cool system that lets you pick your own numbers to play with. In the past, it was more difficult and took longer to win a prize but now that there’s less agents and dealers winning it seems like anybody can do it with as little as half an hour on their phone every day.

How it Works Good 4D Results

The 4D game of Good 4D is played using four main numbers from 0000 to 9999. As it is necessary to utilize all of the specially designated digits in play, there are no extra numbers in addition for the player to win.

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Hot and Cold Good 4d Number

Both the numbers 0, 7, and 9 seem to be the easiest numbers to come up with. The coolest thing about this is that it means if you want a more challenging but rewarding number to play, you’ll want to try your hand at 8, 6, or 3!


As you may already know, the Good 4D Results jackpot is available as an advance, lump-sum payment form of payment or can be claimed directly at our main office in Kota Kinabalu. However, other than that – prizes won by matching 3 of 4 winning numbers can only be collected at regional lottery offices – except for lucky winners of a Good Luck 4d Number combination with 4 out of 6 numbers; it’s important to note here that there will be additional taxes levied on 70 percent of the total winnings!

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