How Big Ticket Works

4d Result Live – How Big Ticket Works?

Do you want to know what big ticket is and how it works? If you are in Abu Dhabi, then the term big ticket is not a new thing for you at all. But for all the outsiders out there, here we have a quick guide for you about what big ticket is and how it works. Let’s get into the discussion below!

What is Big Ticket Abu Dubai?

The Big ticket is known to be the monthly raffle draw which is held in Abu Dhabi for the luxury cars and cash prizes. This draw process was started back in the year 1992 which is basically a monthly cash prize awarded at Dh1 million.

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What is the awarded amount of Big Ticket Abu Dhabi?

If we talk about the awarded prize, Big Ticket has the winning amount of Dh500. But apart from the winning cash, it is available with some bundle of other offers. But to avail those offers, you have to purchase two tickets.

How you can purchase big ticket online?

Below we have step by step guide on how you can easily purchase big ticket online:

Visit the official site of from your mobile or PC.

Sign up for the account or register yourself.

If you already have an account on this site, just log in with that account and make sure you do mention your passport number as well.

Once you created the account, you can enter for the draw. Choose the option of big ticket for the Grand prize or Super car.

In a single transaction, you can just purchase 10 tickets.

Once you have selected with the raffle prize, now you have to choose the raffle number. A list of big ticket numbers will appear in front of you to pick from. Click the checkout option with which you need to enter your contact and residential details.

Agree to all terms and conditions before you redirect yourself to the online payment section. Different payment options are available such as MasterCard, Visa and American Express.

Once the payment is done, you will receive a confirmation mail on your notified email address. Email will mention your e-ticket number.

What is the highest prize in big ticket Abu Dhabi till now?

Till date today, the highest prize offered in this draw ticket has been Dh20 million cash. There is also an availability of dream cars which includes with Jaguar, Mercedes Benz, Ford Mustang, Mini-Cooper and Corvette.

Where big ticket live draw is held in Abu Dhabi?

This draw is announced forest weeks of each month at the location of arrival lobby of Terminal 1 at the Abu Dhabi International Airport. It is conducted through Richard who is an Englishman, made his way into Dubai in 1999. He was the very first winner of this draw and now under his supervision the draw list is announced.

How Big Ticket raffle winner is selected?

Each of the ticket will drop in the big ticket drum. Once you have purchased the big ticket online, you will be receiving an SMS on the mobile to inform you that the ticket has been dropped into the drum.

This whole process of live big ticket draw is of approximately 2 hours long with around 10 of the lucky tickets which are selected. Richard used to always choose the tickets for the smaller prize of the Dh10, 000 which is somehow leading up towards the grand prize.

Richard used to spin the raffle barrel and then choose with few tickets on random basis. Later on he picks someone from the audience and asks them to pick the winning ticket. At the end, he opened up the ticket and announces the actual winner name.

From where you can purchase a Big Ticket raffle?

You can easily purchase the ticket online from different locations. The tickets are also available 24/7 at the location of Abu Dhabi International Airport. Rests of the locations are:
Terminal 1 Departures Tunnel.

Arrivals Hall, Between Du and Travelex
Terminal 1A Departures Duty-Free,
Arrivals Duty-Free, Terminal 1.
Terminal 2 Landside Area (Next to Relay)
Departures Duty-Free, Terminal 2.
Terminal 2 Arrivals Duty-Free.
Departures (Gate 28), Terminal 3.
Al-Ain Airport Departures Duty-free
Landside Area (Next to Relay), Al-Ain Airport

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