Magnum 4D Results

Magnum 4D Results

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A Guide to Magnum 4D Lottery Results

Magnum 4D Results 4-D can stand for fourth dimension or for the 4th digit in a lottery game. This is a fixed odds game played in Germany, Singapore and Malaysia where you can choose any number between 0000 and 9999. The person who picks all 23 winning numbers wins the jackpot prize! There is an automated draw to select these winning numbers.

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History of Magnum 4D

For people who enjoy the morally dubious thrill of gambling, the Magnum 4D game is a popular destination. It is Malaysia’s first 4D operator to be licensed by the Malaysian government and provides legalised gambling for Malaysians. It’s remarkably popular in Singapore as well. Several other countries are seeing how this gamble thrives and are now offering their own versions of it as well.

The origins of 4-D games are considered to be from the 1950s, based on evidence from a gambling trial in a Singapore court. A schoolboy was trying to raffle his bicycle when he created the game where each ticket you own has two digits. The winner would be the one whose ticket number matched the last two digits of the first prize ticket in a Malaysian Turf Club sweepstake. This led to the 2-D lottery, which in turn gave rise to 3-D and later, 4-D betting games which were wildly popular in Singapore and Malaysia from the 1950s.

The first time that the 4-D draw was introduced by The Singapore Turf Club was in May 1966. There was a $1,000 prize for a $2 ticket. Its sibling company, Singapore Pools (known then as the Public Company Limited), introduced 4-D draws in December of that year, and the race went on without The Singapore Turf Club ever.

Singapore Pools launched the ability to bet on computerized games with 4D machines in May 1986, and made a world-record around it. By the time they were introduced later that same year, they had processed $6 million with 50 of these newly introduced machines!

The Hong Kong Jockey Club introduced a new 4-D draw machine to the track that ran much faster than the previous generation. It helped to cement Hong Kong’s reputation as the horse racing capital of the world, yet this move was nothing new in racing.

Magnum 4D and How it Works

4-D or “four-dimensional” numbers are bet on via a primary number with four digits and a secondary number with one digit. In some cases, every single possibility that corresponds to a specific four-digit number is entered. For example if 427 were the primary number and 9 were the secondary number, you would win if number 427 appears anywhere in 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th position, from left to right (4 possible permutations). Alternatively you can make your 4D wager for $1 through iBet regardless of how many possibilities there are for the bet. Note: If a selected entry substitutes more than one digit in the previously mentioned example, this would not be considered because it is automatically disqualified by either Macau’s 2/5 system or any other progressive betting systems.


Magnum 4D Results Singapore Pools 4-D draw is held every Wednesday, Saturday, and Sunday at 1830 hours local time. Anybody above the age of 18 has the right to attend. A specially designed computer program chooses which ball machine will be used as part of the lottery process, as well as a back up if necessary.

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