Sabah 4D Results

Sabah 4D Results

We are pleased to offer a review of Sabah 4D Results, a lottery game we believe is worth players’ attention. This five-reel online slot has all the trimmings and trappings, from symbols like golden stars and lucky signs to multipliers and innovative features.

Brief History of Sabah 4D Results

In 2009, Sabah Lotto 4D was launched as part of the Sabah State lottery. It is currently only available in Sabah, but it has been popular among local residents ever since it came out and sales have increased each year. Each time a new batch is released, you can get tickets in the official lottery office which is located at Lottery Headquarters in Kota Kinabalu or on-the-spot from most convenience stores within the state.

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Sabah 4D Results – How it Works

The 4D format in Sabah is presently set out as follows: 0000 – 9999. As can be seen, players are to choose four main numbers from the range of 0000-9999. It is important to note that in the Sabah 4D there are no bonus or additional numbers in play to win.

Announcement Sabah 4D Results

Malaysian Sabah 4D results are announced right after the draw that take place in the office of Lottery Malaysia. The draws are held three times a week. Namely, they’re held on Tuesday, Friday and Sunday at 7:45 pm local time. Malaysian 4D numbers are picked using the Hi-Tech Draw system. I was wondering if you knew this already but actually January 16th was day zero of Malaysian lottery history!

Odds to win Sabah 4D Lotto

The lottery currently has 5 prize categories. The Sabah Lotto 4D has no jackpot while the top prize is quite modest. The top prize right now of RM 2,500 ($ 597) isn’t bad at all! The good news is that the odds are in your favor to win that top prize! When looking at some of the odds of winning, they are pretty high compared to other lotteries available – 1: 10,000. In order to win what’s offered here, you would have to pick all the 4 main Sabah Lotto numbers correctly.

If you’d like to know more in detail about the prize ranges and how they’re calculated by paying a visit to the official Sabah Lotto 4D website, there are detailed instructions on most if not everything relating to this lottery play – including rules and regulations as well as terms & conditions. In either case, if you’re interested in winning some major cash prizes through playing this lottery game, make sure you keep your eyes peeled on these statuses each month! Detailed descriptions of how winners are drawn can be found on their official website, but for now you can still check out an overview of what you may end up winning according to the category below.

Prize categoryPrize
1RM 2.5 K
2RM 1000
3RM 500
Lucky PrizeRM 180
Consolation PrizeRM 60

Hot and Cold Sabah 4D Results

The parts of the lottery that are most often drawn are figures 0, 7 and 9. The cool numbers (or in other words the least frequently drawn) are 8, 6 and 3.


As you may know, the GOOD4D jackpot is payable as a lump sum and has to be collected in person at the main office in Kota Kinabalu. However, GOOD4D prizes for other categories (won by matching 3 of 4 numbers) are instead paid out at regional lottery offices. The exception is if you are holding an unluckier combination: 4 of 6 winning numbers, which we simply can’t help but inform you that there’s a whopping 70% tax to pay on this one!

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