Sandakan 4D Results

Sandakan 4D Results

Sandakan 4D Results is a game of luck just like any other lottery game. You place a bet on a 4-digit number you have chosen and wait to see if your number is drawn among the 23 winning numbers. For Rm 1 bet, you can collect winnings of up to Rm 3,500.

How to Play Sandakan 4D Results

The game of Sandakan 4D is easy to play and you’ll have a lot of fun trying it out! If you want to win big, then we suggest that you take the following steps

Roll High or Low Digits

Here, you roll 4 dices and decide whether to his high or low digits of each value. Rolling the dice 10 times generates 10 numbers with each number from 0 to 9 having the choice of rolling any combination of two of its digits.

Generate Permutations

If you have a favorite 4-digit number, you can generate permutations for it. The frequency of permutation depends on the particular number you have chosen and how often the digits in it occur. Take a case where all the 4 digits are different such as 1234. In this particular case, there are 24 permutations possible.

Select Lucky Numbers

To play the instant lottery, all you need to do is order a lucky number from the clerk at the outlet. The lucky number is generated through the gaming computer system based on random number generation algorithms.

Prizes Categories of Sandakan 4D Results

The earliest that you can start the prize claiming process is two business days following the draw. To claim your prize, you must bring with you the winning ticket and use of identification document which could be a passport or identity card. Prizes will be collected in person by our company representatives and we regret to inform you that we cannot guaranty any prizes claimed by representatives appointed by you as its ultimately your responsibility.


Prizes of up to RM 2,200 are paid in cash at the outlet. Sandakan 4D Results All other prizes above RM 2,200 are collected through check. That said, any cash payments made at the outlet are subject to the availability of cash for that specific branch. No branch is obligated to collect even if it doesn’t have a float. You have up to 6 months from lottery draw date to collect your prizes should they win.

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