Sarawak 4D Results

Sarawak 4D Results

Sarawak 4D Results we are glad to give you a review of Malaysia’s own 4D jackpot, Sarawak Cash Sweep. For this particular topic, we wanted to keep it on the same track as the rest of our site so as not to make things look like they were just mixed together in a random fashion. Our approach was that of an analyst and we just hope you enjoy it!

Brief History of Sarawak

Launched on April 1st of 1996, the lottery has always been known as Sarawak Lotto Cash Sweep 4D Sarawak Lotto Cash Sweep 4D is the most popular lottery game in Malaysia with a 25-year history of successful sales. To date, Malaysian law does not allow the game to be played nationwide and remains available only in Sarawak.

However, that hasn’t stopped players outside of Sarawak from winning big as there are many stories of people winning huge jackpots and living lives of luxury! This can be attributed to the company being run by friendly staff who closely monitor players progress while also offering very generous cash prizes.

Sarawak 4D – How it Works

The currently applied format is 4 / 0000-9999. As you can see, players are to choose 4 main Sarawak Cash Sweep 4D numbers from the range of 0000-9999 Sarawak Cash Sweep 4D numbers. In this game there are neither bonus nor additional numbers.

Winning Prizes of Sarawak 4D Results

The Sarawak Lotto Cash Sweep 4D lotto currently awards cash prizes in five different prize categories. Sarawak Lotto Cash Sweep 4D offers no jackpot to its players, while the top prize is quite modest. For now, it accounts for RM 2,500 ($ 597). Luckily, the fact that Sarawak Lotto Cash Sweep 4D top prize is quite modest is compensated by indeed high winning odds! As shown by official estimates, the odds of winning the top prize are 1: 10,000.

In particular, you will have to correctly guess all the 4 main Sarawak Cash Sweep 4D numbers. Detailed description of the prize distribution system can be found at the official website of Sarawak Lotto Cash Sweep 4D, but you can still look through a rough outline of prize categories provided below.

Prize categoryPrize
1RM 2.5 K
2RM 1000
3RM 500
Lucky PrizeRM 180
Consolation PrizeRM 60

Hot and Cold Sarawak 4D Results

According to a recent source, the most common lottery numbers are 8, 6, and 3. In fact, the chance of winning with these numbers is 1 in 45. The most uncommon set of numbers are 0, 7, and 9. It’s reported that someone with these numbers would win only once every 260 times they played.


Sarawak lottery 4D Cash Sweep prizes can only be won in the form of a lump sum payment. In order to receive it, you will have to travel to the main office in Kuching. To obtain winnings of other Sarawak lottery prize categories, you must visit a regional Lottery Office. This applies to wins amounting to RM 60,000,000 ($ 14,300,00). Payments of up to RM 2000 ($ 470) can also be made at lottery agent locations.

Unfortunately for players living in Sarawak and surrounding areas (Sabah and Brunei) the rewards are subject to an additional 15% tax rate on top of current Malaysian government tax laws. Considering how quickly time passes by there’s no way around scheduling an appointment or two with your local lottery office just before 90 days run out from the draw date!

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