Toto 4D Results

Toto 4D Results

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Sports Toto 4D Results Malaysia offers a unique take on the 4D game. While the underlying mechanics are the same as in other games, this variation is well worth exploring. As of late, Sports Toto Malaysia has become one of the largest lotteries in Malaysia and has established itself as being both safe and reliable. Founded back in 1969, Sports Toto was initially most concerned with popularizing and standardizing the 4D game.

Sports Toto has more than 650 sales outlets and offers seven lottery games, including the flagship 4D. Looking for something different? You can try 4D jackpot, as well as other traditional lotteries that are sponsored by Sports Toto.

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How to Play Toto 4D

Playing Toto 4D is easy as long as you pay attention to a few simple things. First, pick a four-digit number in the range from 0000 to 9999. Then, if you’re feeling eager to get rich quick, go ahead and place a bet of at least RM1 but you can go ballistic if that’s your thing!

Apart from the basic gameplay, there are two additional developments – i-perm and roll. An i-perm is an i-permutation which means you have to choose the number of permutations that you’re interested in. These could be between four and 24. If you choose the lowest number of permutations, only one digit will be moved to create four variations.

If your chosen number is 1112 for example, the other three permutations will be 2111, 1211 and 1121. The minimum amount you’ll have to spend in this case is one ringgit per set meaning it would cost 4 ringgits to do a set with four permutations or 24 ringgits if choosing to do the largest available set with all seven digits.

Toto 4D Draw Schedule

Toto drawings are held three times per week – on Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday. All drawings take place in the Kuala Lumpur headquarters of Toto and are open to members of the public. Tickets can be acquired by 7 p.m. on the day of each respective drawing, but if purchased later they count as entries for the next one only. People have to be aged 21 or older as per Malaysian regulations with ID cards at all times during their visit for identification purposes.

Prizes After Toto 4D Results

The amount of MR points rewarded to the player will depend on the ringgit amount placed at stake during gameplay, wherein one can choose between a small or big bet:

Prize CategoryBig Bet (RM)Small Bet (RM)
10 Special180N/A
10 Consolation Prizes60N/A

As you can see the small bet comes with bigger prizes but there aren’t lower awards. Thus, the potential for a larger payout will balance the availability of fewer awards. If you wish to increase your odds of winning something from the 4D in Malaysia, select the big bet. Choose to either max out your bet or opt for permutation and roll tickets as these choices will aid you in claiming multiple prizes!

One of the biggest lottery wins was a whopping RM250,000! The lucky player won the top prize in Malaysia Sports Toto 4D on 9 September 2018. The entire prize pool that month was worth more than RM2.8 million RM280,000 – but there were other prizes in between too. Earlier in September, another player won first prize and took home RM280,000 to go along with it.

Prizes for the winner are paid out of the revenue generated from ticket sales for that drawing only . This means winners can take home their jackpot instantly or choose to cash out over the next year and a half to two years depending on how much they choose to pick up at once (between 1-14 instalments). If no one claims a top prize in 180 days after the drawing takes place , such funds will be invested by Malaysia’s Finance Ministry at its discretion.


In Malaysia, lottery prizes are automatically exempted from taxation. As such, the amount displayed in advertisements is the exact amount you will get as a result of your winnings. If you have won anything you can figure out by purchasing the actual lottery ticket and checking the Toto 4D results which are updated on a daily basis. You can go to either of the websites specified above to read up on whether or not you have won something.

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